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We are a general practice law firm serving Marion, Florence, Dillon, Conway, and surrounding areas. Founded in 2011 by local attorneys Elizabeth “Bess” Battle and Harry Allen IV, Battle & Allen is a client-centered law firm that understands the needs of the communities where our lawyer's practice. We will vigorously advocate your interests while treating you with courtesy, respect and understanding.

Our offices are located in historic downtown Marion, and the firm serves clients throughout Marion, Florence, Dillon, and Horry Counties, including Conway, Nichols, Mullins, Florence, Marion, Dillon, Latta, and other South Carolina towns.

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South Carolina Real Estate Attorney


Buying and selling real estate are the biggest financial transactions that most people make. Because so much money is at stake and because South Carolina real estate law is very technical, it is important to have a skilled attorney on your side when it comes time to close on a property.

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South Carolina Traffic and DUI Defense Attorney

Drunk-driving and traffic violations can carry significant penalties in South Carolina. People who are found guilty of motor vehicle offenses may end up in jail, lose their driving privileges or be required to pay hefty fines. While reckless behavior behind the wheel is never OK, there are many circumstances where a traffic stop is unwarranted or law enforcement officials fail to follow protocol that protects your rights.

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South Carolina Estate Planning Attorney

Remember that estate planning involves more than just drafting a will. How would you feel if you had traumatic accident or medical emergency that doctors say will leave you with a quality of life that is unacceptable to you, but you cannot communicate those wishes to your loved ones? In those cases, an estate plan can include directives that dictate what types of life-saving measures may be performed if you cannot make those decisions for yourself.

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South Carolina Family Law Attorney

divorce lawyer

Family law matters are rarely simple. Whether it’s navigating the painful process of getting a divorce or welcoming an adopted child into your home, there are often many complex legal steps involved in resolving family issues.

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South Carolina Personal Injury Attorney

Civil lawsuits in South Carolina can be complex. Expert witnesses and testimony from people knowledgeable about the incident might be required to resolve conflicting versions of the facts. There also could be a dispute over the extent of injuries and the amount of lost wages or the need for future care.

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South Carolina Criminal Defense Attorney

It’s important to understand that South Carolina has an extensive legal process to determine guilt or innocence. To ensure the best possible outcome in your case, it is crucial to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can analyze the facts and handle the complex legal procedures for you.

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