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Family law matters are rarely simple, and need a local Family Law Attorney to ensure your interests are protected. Whether it’s navigating the painful process of getting a divorce or welcoming an adopted child into your home, there are often many complex legal steps involved in resolving family issues. That’s why you need an experienced and sensitive attorney who has an extensive understanding of South Carolina family law. Bess Battle, the Marion Family Law Attorney at Battle & Allen, can help.

Bess Battle handles many types of domestic matters, including divorce, child support, child custody/visitation agreements, adoption and modification and enforcement proceedings. She understands how painful and personal many family law issues can be for clients, and she is committed to obtaining a resolution that is in your best interests.

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South Carolina Family Law Overview

Many different types of legal services fall under the family law umbrella. Divorce cases and all related issues such as custody, child support and visitation are the most common, but other domestic issues such as marriage, adoption, paternity, minor emancipation, domestic violence — and even something as simple as changing your name — are all topics that a family law attorney can handle.

Many family law matters, even divorce, can be resolved without going to court. A good family law attorney strives to arrive at settlement agreements that both parties are comfortable with.

Unfortunately, some clients with particularly contentious conflicts should be prepared that their case may need to go to trial. If so, Bess Battle at Battle & Allen is prepared to support you throughout the entire process so that your issues are resolved as quickly and sensitively as possible.

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