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A local DUI Attorney is extremely important in drunk-driving and traffic violations, since they can both carry significant penalties in South Carolina. People who are found guilty of motor vehicle offenses may end up in jail, lose their driving privileges or be required to pay hefty fines. While reckless behavior behind the wheel is never OK, there are many circumstances where a traffic stop is unwarranted or law enforcement officials fail to follow protocol that protects your rights.

That’s when a traffic and DUI lawyer at Battle & Allen, P.A. in Marion SC, can step in. Harry Allen IV knows that there are two sides to every story and is ready to listen to yours. He examines the facts and advises you on the best way to proceed in your South Carolina traffic or drunk-driving case.

About South Carolina Traffic and DUI Laws

For most people, driving is a daily necessity. You may need a car to go to work, pick the kids up from school or run routine errands. You may be a commercial vehicle driver whose livelihood is entirely dependent upon being behind the wheel. Being charged with a traffic or DUI offense can put all of those freedoms in jeopardy.

DUI Defense

People make mistakes. But that doesn’t make them bad people. At Battle & Allen, we can:

  • Defend you against drunk driving and repeat DUI charges;
  • Ensure that any field sobriety, blood, urine or breath tests were conducted properly;
  • Represent you in speeding ticket, reckless driving and other moving violation cases;
  • Investigate the legality of the charges; and
  • Make sure that officers correctly advised you of your rights at all times.

If you have been charged with a DUI or failing to obey traffic laws, contact a South Carolina DUI and traffic ticket lawyer as soon as possible.

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